Before we proceed, it important to understand the definition and type of infertility. Infertility can be defined as failure to conceive after 12 months of unprotected intercourse with the same partner. There are two type of infertility: Primary infertility and Secondary infertility.

Primary Infertility

Where a woman is unable to bear a child, either due to inability to conceive naturally or the inability to carry a full term pregnancy that results in live birth. Thus, women who experience pregnancy with spontaneous miscarriage at any stage of pregnancy, or pregnancy that results in still birth, are consider to be suffered from primary infertility.

Secondary Infertility

Where a woman has had one or more pregnancies in the past with resultant live birth, but is having difficulty to conceive again, either due to inability to conceive naturally or the inability to carry a full term pregnancy that results in live birth, is consider to suffer from secondary infertility. Thus, women who experience spontaneous miscarriage or still birth without any live birth after previous delivery are consider to be suffered from secondary infertility.

Double the joy with non-identical twin after 6 years of primary infertility

This patient is married since 2008 with primary infertility. Three cycle of IUI was performed with no successful result before she decided for IVF treatment.

She came in for OPU on 14 August 2014 (at the age of 29 years old). A total number of 6 eggs were retrieved, with 5 mature and 1 immature egg. ICSI was performed as fertilization approach with 100 % fertilization rate. At Day-5 post fertilization, two blastocyst were transferred with grade 3AB and 3BC that lead to dichorionic twin pregnancy (non-identical). The remaining 3 embryos were freeze and kept safely in the laboratory.

She delivered a healthy non-identical twin baby boy on 14th April 2015 from fresh ICSI-DET (double embryo transfer) cycle.


Pregnancy after secondary infertility

This patient came to PHKL for secondary infertility. She has a spontaneous conception with spontaneous vaginal delivery (SVD) previously but with fetal macrosomia (newborn who’s significantly larger than average size) complication. She has been trying to conceive for more than 12 months after the first delivery but fail.

Severe male factor infertility has been diagnose as one of the reason for her secondary infertility. She decided to seek help from Newlife@PHKL with IUI treatment as an initial step of fertility treatment, however, the IUI attempt was fail. After several session of discussion with our Fertility Specialist, she decided to start her IVF treatment at the age of 35 years old. She came in for OPU on 30th April 2015, 13 eggs were retrieved with 10 mature eggs. ICSI was performed on the mature eggs to achieved fertilization with 9 eggs successfully fertilized on the next day. On Day-5 after fertilization, one blastocyst grade 4AA were selected as single embryo to be transferred. The remaining of the embryos were freeze for future use.

Pregnancy confirmation revealed positive βhCG test and ultrasound scan reveal fetal heart beat of singleton pregnancy. This patient safely delivered a healty baby boy on 13th January 2016, weigh 3.88kg.

The blessing of Dragon and Phoenix twins – One boy & One girl

This patient was married since 2009. She came to Newlife@PHKL in October 2012 for female factor infertility which include endometriosis, endometriosis polyps and Rt tubal blockage. Laparoscopy and laparotomy was done in March 2013 follow by hysteroscopy guided polypectomies before proceeded with IVF treatment.

She is 30 years old when she started her IVF treatment at Newlife@PHKL. On the day of OPU on 10th January 2014, 15 eggs were retrieved with 9 mature egg, all mature eggs were fertilized through ICSI procedure with 100% ICSI fertilization rate. Day 5 Embryo transfer on fresh cycle were perform with DET, two blastocyst of grades 3BA and 3BB were transferred but unsuccessful.

On May 2014, FET treatment was carried out on this patient, a DET was performed, and two hatching blastocyst with grades 4BA and 3BA were transferred, this time, positive dichorionic twin pregnancy. 3 more embryos cryopreserved with us.

This patient is currently a happy mother of non-identical twin, one baby boy and one baby cute from ICSI-FET DET cycle.

‘Never give up on your dream of parenthood’

– Pregnancy after three fail IVF cycle

This is a young patient of 28 years old who married since August 2013, when she was just 25 years old. She went through 5 times of IUI, three times with another fertility centre, and two time at Newlife@PHKL, however, all five trial were unsuccessful.

Understand the low chance of pregnancy with IUI treatment, she then decided to try IVF treatment in June 2015. She had her first IVF treatment at another fertility centre with 11 mature eggs retrieved, however, only four eggs were successfully fertilized with resultant 3 embryos, one embryo were arrested at single cell. Day 3 embryo transfer was performed, however, fail to achieve positive pregnancy.

Driven by the strong courage to fulfil her dream of parenthood, she decided to go for second IVF cycle in October 2015, however, this second IVF cycle has to be cancelled due to poor respond to stimulation.

Never give up, she then decided for the third try in February 2016 at the same centre. This time, 7 mature eggs were retrieved, 5 eggs were fertilized and cleave into 5 embryos. Two embryos were transfer on Day 3 while the remaining three cleavage stage embryo were cryopreserve (freeze). Unfortunately, this trial was also unsuccessful.

With her ‘failure will never over take me’ attitude, in March 2016, she decided to seek opinion from Fertility specialist at
Newlife@PHKL, and requested her embryo to be transferred from the previous centre to Newlife@PHKL for further treatment.

On 28th March 2016, frozen-thawed embryo transfer (FET) procedure was performed, all remaining three embryos were thaw earlier and culture (grow) until it reach blastocyst stage on the day of transfer. Of three embryos, two embryos develop into blastocyst stage while the remaining one embryo arrested at morula stage. Two blastocysts, grade 3AA & 3BC were transferred while the arrested embryo were further culture until the development cease and discarded on Day 7.

Pregnancy confirmation was done through ultrasound and she is now pregnant with singleton baby

Pregnancy from Day 6 Blastocyst Transfer

This patient is only 29 years old when she first came to
Newlife@PHKL in 2014. She is married since 2009, five years of trying to conceive but unsuccessful. Initial investigation found that she has small subserosal fibroid size 2.5cm. Hysterosalphingogram (HSG) result show no abnormality in Fallopian tube patency and uterine cavity.

She then went through one cycle of IUI cycle with us but fail.

Despite her young age, her antimullerian hormone (AMH) and antral follicle count (AFC) were low, Indicate that she has poor ovarian reserve with potential low number of egg available for fertilization. Our Fertility Specialist has to increase the FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) dosage in order to achieve higher number of egg. On the day of OPU, which fall on 12 November 2014, 7 eggs were retrieved with 6 mature eggs and one immature egg. ICSI was performed on all 6 mature eggs with 5 eggs fertilized on the next day. Embryos were culture until Day 5, however, no blastocyst were observed on Day 5 and the embryo transfer procedure were postpone to the next day. On Day 6, two blastocysts were observed, grade 3BB & 2BC, while the rest of the embryos were arrested at morula and cleavage stage. Both of the blastocysts were transfer into her womb and pregnancy confirmation test reveal positive result on singleton pregnancy. The remaining of the embryos were culture until Day 7 and discard after no further development observed. She is now a happy mother of baby boy from Fresh ICSI-DET cycle.